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You may contact us for issues directly related to Domain Entertainment™ software or this website; please do *NOT* ask questions pertaining to your merchant account or lease account.

Domain Entertainment™ has no knowledge of, or access to, your merchant account or leasing information about your account and any comments or questions related to such may not receive a response and should be directed to your merchant help desk or agent (normally your ORIGINAL place of purchase).

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Periodically we will post notices regarding current version service requests reported by our customers in the Known Problems section of this page.

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Responses are normally sent via e-mail; Please insure that any spam blockers you are using allows mail from the domain.  We will not follow any "unblocking" procedures if the mail is bounced or blocked.

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Known Problems

The following is a list of some known problems as of the current release of the software; we are working to correct them A.S.A.P.  For more information and/or previous releases of the software please visit our technical support pages.

Known Problems in v2.10:
bulletWhen audit trail 'Print by Card' is used declined transactions are added to the total; there are also three sections printed with blank headers.  Solution: Use 'Print by Type' until an update is released.
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